1)Prices shown in this site represent official CharacTell's prices.
2)No other price is valid unless specifically authorized by CharacTell management in writing. All prices are in US dollars and are charged FOB, Boston, Massachusetts, or Tel-Aviv, Israel, whichever is closer to the customer. Shipping charges, custom duties, VAT, and any other local taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
3)CharacTell's price list is effective when it is published, and supersedes all existing price lists. CharacTell's price list is in effect until replaced with a new one.
4)CharacTell reserves the right to change or modify its prices, price list(s), and any and all products or services offered, without advance notice. The company reserves the right to correct publishing errors in its price list(s) without notice, and without being held responsible.
5)CharacTell products are sold as presented in configuration guides, and other marketing and product information provided by CharacTell. CharacTell is not responsible for any representation made to customers that is not consistent with CharacTell supplied information.
6)CharacTell does not make any claim for fitness of any its products for use in any application other then as described in product literature and technical and user manuals. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine such fitness. CharacTell representatives are available to provide demonstrations or software evaluation of CharacTell product for that purpose. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to determine suitability of CharacTell products for any specific application or operating environment and its capability to perform any particular task, and the manner said task is accomplished.
7)All CharacTell products are offered with an expressed warranty as outlined in CharacTell's standard warranty statement in effect at the time of purchase. Refer to the detailed system descriptions or CharacTell warranty statement for specific warranty information.
8)The use of all CharacTell products is subject to the terms stated in the CharacTell end user license agreement (EULA) that is applicable to each and every specific product. By executing the relevant use act (opening, installing, or integrating a product) the user expresses their acceptance of the terms of the EULA. CharacTell will accept (subject to proper authorization) product return due to user rejection of the EULA within thirty (30) days of purchase.
9)CharacTell accepts payment in the following forms: cash in advance of product delivery via wire transfer or certified check, a corporate credit card (possibly subject to a 5% surcharge), and company check COD. CharacTell may establish credit terms according to CharacTell's credit policy in effect at the time. CharacTell reserves the right to review credit history and worthiness prior to establishing credit.
10)Reseller discounts are offered only to authorized CharacTell resellers who have executed the appropriate contract to the level of discount they qualify, and have met the qualification criteria for their applicable contract.
11)Shipment of defective product to CharacTell for repair must be pre-approved by CharacTell's Technical Services department. A return material authorization (RMA) number must be issued to the customer, and be clearly marked on the outside of the box. All shipments must be in original cartons, with the component properly packaged using original packaging materials. Shipping to CharacTell is the responsibility of the customer. CharacTell covers return shipping to the customer of product repaired via ground method.
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