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What is FormStorm?
Applications and Benefits
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FormStorm is ideal for a wide range of applications, only a small sample of which is:
Conference & reunions enrollment
Incoming invoices (accounts payables)
Magazine and other subscriptions
Insurance policy registration
Insurance claim forms
Credit card and account applications
Mortgage origination applications
Driver's license and identity card applications
Voter registration forms & civil records
Applications for school, college, and university admissions
Warranty cards registration

Click here to access our financial benefits calculator to see how much YOU can save with FormStorm.
With FormStorm Enterprise you reduce the cost of data entry from paper, have the data available faster, and increase data accuracy. The real benefits to your business are tangible cost reduction but also operational and perceived improved customer service, management control and accountability, and less stress.

Reduced cost of data entry A typical FormStorm user realizes anywhere from 25% to 75% reduction in the number of people required to manually enter data from paper by typing or keying. Depending on your form volume, this could easily translate to as high as tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Higher data accuracy Even the best of data typists makes occasional mistakes. We are all human. FormStorm validates data fields internally and against outside data, and provides balancing tools for complex documents such as invoices and purchase orders. The result? More accurate data than you can expect from manual typing.

More efficient business processes Since most of the data is read automatically, the overall capture and data entry process and as a result your access to reliable data is faster and more efficient.


Enable multiple stations and queue control


Ability to manage users, privilleges and passwords


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