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FormStorm for Software Developers Prices
FormStorm Enterprise Private Label Program
If you need to embed form processing into your application software, you have come to the right place! FormStorm Enterprise, with all its modules and options, is now available to software developers who seek to incorporate powerful form processing technology in their applications.

FormStorm Enterprise implements OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition.

The FormStorm Private Label program lets you:
  • Easily embed FormStorm into virtually all applications,

  • Choose the level of functionality that is just right for the needs of your customers,

  • Re-brand FormStorm to appear with your logos, product names, welcome screens and online help.

  • This expands your markets, and allows you to get there fast, and at lower development cost. You join the program by purchasing the right to private label FormStorm Enterprise. The software you receive enables you to perform all the required integration, and change the appearance of FormStorm screens.

    The integration is done by making calls to the fully documented FormStorm API. This simple process sends image files into the FormStorm queues and receives the recognition results as export, or send images and XMLs to the FormStorm Verify screen. All of FormStormís setup, customization, and advanced processing capability are available to you as well. You may download the FormStorm software you need for evaluation from here.

    Click here for more information, or to sign up for the program.


    Enable multiple stations and queue control


    Ability to manage users, privilleges and passwords


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