FormStorm Invoices v8.0 Released

June 23, 2015


FormStorm cloud service available

December 23, 2014


FormStorm accelerates tax processing

August 17, 2012


CharacTell announce invoice processing in the clouds

February 25, 2011


Fairfax Imaging and CharacTell Partner

April 30, 2010


FormStorm Invoices Now Priced for Lower Volume Use

October 19, 2009


CharacTell announces FormStorm for Developers Program

May 18, 2009


CharacTell announces FormStorm Enterprise 5.0

April 6, 2009


Charactell Installs Over 30 Invoice Processing Systems

September 8, 2008


Charactell Automates Expense Reporting at Leading Bank

June 16, 2008


Charactell Automates Payments at Banks ATM's

October 8, 2007


CharacTell Announces Agreement with FESA

April 6, 2007


FormStorm 3.0 Enhances Usability and Functionality

April 3, 2006


FormStorm processes millions of unstructured forms for Time Customer Service

April 7, 2005


Who Are We?
CharacTell is an established technology developer and provider of solutions designed for demanding form processing applications. Our systems are in use throughout the world by recognized names such as Time-Warner, Shell Oil, Vodafone, Brinks, Audi, Victoria Police, State of New York, Walbusch, Assenda, Land America, Israel Discount Bank, Hapoalim Bank, Leumi Bank, several large and small service bureaus and educational institutes, and many other organizations.

Our software is robust and rich in functionality, but at the same time is designed to be truly easy to use and apply. Whether you process incoming invoices, surveys, subscriptions, warranty cards, or even national elections, we can help reduce your costs and improve data accuracy.
For Application Users

For Application Developers

For Individuals and Small / Medium Businesses

FormStorm Enterprise is the most cost effective and easy to use application for virtually all form processing needs.

FormStorm gives you all you need: scanning, classification, processing, data validation and export, and tools to create your own applications. Everything is provided in an intuitive user interface with documentation and tutorials.
If you provide enterprise, document management, or other corporate data capture solutions, FormStorm for Developers is for you.

You may integrate and private-label FormStorm into your own system for seamless appearance.

You can be offering form processing and data capture capabilities to your customers in days, not months and years of costly development.
You may have written notes you wish you could edit. SoftWriting is the only product anywhere that reads certain types of notes and converts them to Word files.

Privately or in your business, perhaps you need to archive documents or capture data from invoices. FormCliQ scans, archives, and captures data from invoices automatically.


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